What our Customers say...


Five stars!

Jason was a great contractor. His work was very high quality. He was timely and professional. Very nice, overall great work. All of the contractors they have had out to remediate our plumbing leak have done a great job.


Repairs to our residence after a water pipe burst above our unit.


Given the circumstances, it was nice to have a team come in and assure my family and I that we would be taken care of. That's exactly what Cody, Colby, Gleason and their team did! It's hard to find some type of hope during a time where you would need a company like SERVPRO, and the pride and professionalism these gentlemen brought with them everyday was a true testament to us making the right decision to call them at 0130 in the morning when we found out our home had flooded. It was almost sad seeing them pack up their equipment knowing we weren't going to see them the next day, but we knew it was the start of the next chapter in the rebuilding of our home. We can't thank them enough!!


Jason was excellent- made a call to have our office disinfected, he was able to meet me shortly after our initial call. Jason was very professional and friendly! Great company


Noah Rivera called and came by our home quickly to assess the damages. He gave us a game plan and his contact info. Very nice and professional. As promised, SERVPRO returned before Christmas. Ray LaChapelle and Tim Cook were kind, professional, worked quickly, and did a great job. These guys have been nothing less than Awesome!!! Thank you SERVPRO!


Jonathan (Jon) and Robert was amazing at providing quality customer service, and services with SERVPRO. They helped smooth out our already uncomfortable situation, and definitely put our minds at ease. Thanks Jonathan and Robert, it was a real treat working with individuals who take provide in their work, and mannerism. Amazing job well done guys!!!!


Jason S. was amazing throughout this entire experience. He worked quickly, quietly, and efficiently. Jason is someone we would love to have again but hopefully wouldn't have to. Overall a wonderful experience!


Will Myers did a great job for us.


Cleaned ducts and air handler. Jason and Rob did a great job!


Jason, Rob and Cody were very helpful. They were extremely patient and efficient about how they took care of our home.


Will Myers was our project manager and made this a great experience in an otherwise very stressful situation.


My home has never looked better, I thank you for even taking the time to wipe down all the surfaces after reconstruction for an added finished touch. No wonder you’ve got such a good reputation.

I didn’t realize how much worse things could have been without your immediate response in the middle of the night. Thank you so much for the prompt response to our emergency. 

Our house flooded last night. Marlon and Jason saved the day! Thank you both for your quick response and excellent work getting all of the water out of the house. We couldn't have done it without y'all!

We can't thank SERVPRO enough for their quick response to our needs after Hurricane Irma. Pauline arrived at out building shortly after our staff did, the morning after the hurricane, to check on us and see what SERVPRO could do to help. We knew she was there for us and her proactive approach was so appreciated. The SERVPRO team was with us every step of the way, from assessment, restoration and providing us with reports of completed work. We truly look at SERVPRO as one of our partners, not just as a service provider. 

We appreciate the immediate response of your team and willingness to work in tandem with the national disaster recovery team to do whatever it took to get the building up and running as quickly as possible. You are all responsive, organized and professional which is helpful in highly stressful crisis situations. Kudos for a job well done. 

No one could have done a better or faster job after wind and falling trees took out all the windows. Dried, restored, and repairs made.

I learned a lot about how fire can spread and jump. The crew from SERVPRO did a great job on both exterior and interior soot and smoke cleaning and restoration.

I learned something new when SERVPRO remediated the mold outbreak in my baby’s room. Even in a dry season you can over humidify. I will be checking humidity levels in the future.

I would not have known how to let the water between the upper story and the ceiling drain out. All dried out and repainted -- looking great just in time for my annual sale.

Fire from a malfunctioning gas fireplace covered my condo in thick, sticky soot. The smell was the worst. The SERVPRO team cleaned up the black gunk and used a thermal fogger to deal with the odor. Clean and fresh! Don’t know how you do it.

I had severe water damage issues with the hardwood floors warping and buckling after rainwater poured through an open window in my showroom. The SERVPRO workers were very diligent and explained the purpose behind the drying mats and fans. Amazed at the difference.

The thought of storm cleanup overwhelmed me, but a friend recommended SERVPRO. So glad. It all works much better when you have the right equipment.

I appreciated the calm and professional way SERVPRO managed my mold outbreak. They explained I could not have known about the hidden leak. Not about my housekeeping, but just the way the mold grows.

I was sure the house was a loss after a space heater caught fire, but SERVPRO and my insurance company have it looking back to normal.

Thank you so much for getting my condo back in shape! Chandler was awesome to work with! All the guys were great and they did a fantastic job. Thanks again!

Our nonprofit spilt a can of waterproof sealant in the middle of our conference room. 911! I called the pros at SERVPRO and our carpet tech extraordinaire, Adrian Milchev, asked me to send him a picture of the spill. He knew he could take care of it and he was immediately on his way to help! We are so grateful for his expertise and great care at HandsOn Jacksonville! He saved us from a costly disaster!

The overall impression of the SERVPRO franchise was perfect in my opinion. Very satisfied with the work they did to restore the water damage! The staff was wonderful, professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

They were very efficient, listened to our concerns regarding the water damage and cleanup process.

The staff was very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend them for water damage restoration in the future.

The franchise was professional and explained the fire damage restoration process completely from day one. The staff went above and beyond in assisting me after a devastating fire. They were always mindful of the fact that the whole process was new. They are A-One for fire damage restoration in Jacksonville!

Raymond and Ryan were awesome, professional and on time! Great guys!

Ryan & Lucas who came to treat my home were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, professional and nice!

Great Employees! Ryan was awesome!

All went well. All workers and supervisors were very kind and helpful. Kept us well informed.

Marlon and his team were wonderful!

Like it never even happened! Thanks to these SERVPRO guys!

Excellent service! These guys, especially Vinny were very professional and knew their business well!

Very professional! Thank you, you guys did a great job!

Many thanks to your knowledgeable, helpful and caring team!

Tracy did a great job, especially with his patience due to the challenge of hanging this particular door. He even told me when he left; He wanted to put another coat of paint on it as he noticed some areas that need it. He was so neat and clean, etc.! Gosh I can't say enough. All of you have been so polite. A whole different experience than what I went through in 2009.

Excellent Job! Work was done quickly and professionally, so pleased with the outcome, everything looks great.

This company was Wonderful, I will recommend them to everyone I know.

I would recommend this team to all family and friends. This team went above!!! They deserve great praise.

I was really happy with the results and quick response of SERVPRO. I would definitely use your service in the future (if needed hopefully not).

Awesome job! Thank you!

Highly satisfied. All of the above 10's-outstanding and personal satisfaction. Most impressive.